Historic Maps for sale

Just in time for the holiday season, we’re offering personalized replica maps of your neighborhood from three different years: the 1906 Atlas, a 1926 tax map, and a 1934 Sanborn map. Poster are printed on high-quality paper, suitable for framing, identify the map source and year, and are personalized for your address.

*Map orders must be placed by December 12 for holiday delivery.

1906 Atlas.png
Close up

Close up

Personalized 1906 Atlas Map

This beautiful 1906 Atlas divides Montclair into seven “Plates,” each of which focuses on a specific part of town. Was your house built by then or was the lot still pastures? Was the street even there? Who owned the property? Was there a dairy, a farm, or a mill nearby?

You give us the address, and we’ll find the map in which it’s shown. At the bottom of the map, we’ll include your address, along with the information about the Atlas.

Poster size is 24” x 36.” $125

1926 Close up.jpg

personalized 1926 Tax Map

Although tax maps come out regularly, we chose 1926 because it’s so unique. It’s a vivid bright blue with white type, much like an architectural blueprint. Each map covers about five or six blocks and lists the streets and property owners.

Tell us the address you want featured when you’re checking out and we’ll find the right one in the tax map book.

Poster size is 18” x 24.” $100

Close up

Close up

Personalized 1934 Sanborn Map

The Sanborn Map Company published maps in the 19th and 20th century for use by the fire insurance industry to assess liability in a particular community. What’s so great about these maps is that they document a neighborhood, including the shape of the house and even small outbuildings.

This is a colorful, vertical map — and we’ll even include information about what the colors mean!

Poster size: 18’ x 24”. $100

1906 plate 24.png
Close up

Close up

1906 MAP of Downtown Montclair

With a nod to the importance of the railroad to Montclair’s history, this map (Plate 24) zeroes in on the area around Lackawanna Station. Unlike the other maps we offer, this one is not personalized.

It’s a perfect present for a long-time Montclair resident, a new Montclair resident, or a Montclair resident at heart.

Poster size: 24” x 36” $75