Connecting with our Agricultural Heritage

The Montclair History Center is proud to partner with the Montclair Community Farms Coalition. Working together, we maintain a thriving microfarm on our Orange Road site, complete with chickens. The Montclair Community Farms is generously funded through the USDA and Partners for Health. MCF works in partnership with Montclair Food Co-op & CSA. MAGardens at Sunset Vista Farms, Market Taverne of Morristown, and Vital Dining of Montclair.

Using modern farming techniques, we connect others with our agricultural heritage and our ancestors who spent their days working their farms. This farm helps us recall a period in our town’s history when farms were the main “industry” and lived close to the land.

What is the Montclair Community Farms? 
Montclair Community Farms serve as hands-on resources that engage and educate the community and youth farmers in urban farming, sustainable agriculture, affordable food access, and healthy food and lifestyle choices. 

In addition to the Orange Road location, the Miller Street farm on HomeCorp property is flourishing and grows many different fruits and vegetables.

Learn more about Montclair Community Farms and the coalition at